History Progress brings improvement
"From idea - to product"
our principle remains

Our company history is a valuable part of our business. From the very beginning, our mission has been to provide products that improve wound healing, make doctors' work easier and increase comfort for patients and staff.


April 2003
2 employees 130 m² office space

May 2003
Start of production
5 employees on 200 m² production area

December 2003
4th place at the "GET UP"
Competition for business start-ups in Thuringia


January 2004
Market entry, 9 employees and premises expanded to 490 m²

July 2004
Successfully certified and therefore granted the CE label

December 2004
1st prize in the “Market Gap“ competition organised by the Thuringian newspaper group


January 2005
Conclusion of a long-term supplier contract with the Swiss company PLUS ORTHOPEDICS

October 2005
Successful auditing by the State Health Office

Dezember 2005
Award as finalist in the competition for the 2005 Thuringian State Prize for Quality
Successful annual accounts for 2005


February 2006
17 employees, introduction of a 2-shift system

May 2006
Start of the cooperation with China

August 2006
Establishing new business contacts in Moscow

September 2006
Introduction of new production hardware accurate production time recording through BDE Stations

October 2006
Renewed successful audit by the LGA

December 2006
Successful annual accounts 2006


June 2007
Audited by one of our most important customers

July 2007
Participation in the award of the Thuringia Quality Award

August 2007
Product registration in Russia

December 2007
Extension of our production site and
successful annual accounts 2007


October 2008
CMEF Autumn 2008 successful trade-fair appearance in China

November 2008
Presentation in Colombia

December 2008
Successful annual accounts 2008


April 2009
First international trader's meeting Berchtesgaden

September 2009
Renewed successful audit by the LGA
Laying of the foundation stone - New building in Bad Blankenburg

December 2009
Successful annual account 2009


January 2010
Establishment of business contacts and successful participation on the Arab Health in Dubai

May 2010
Moving of the equipement to the new production location to Bad Blankenburg
14th May start up of the new hall

June 2010
18th Juny officially inauguration of the new company building

July 2010
Mrs. Prime Minister Christine Lieberknecht for visit with us in Bad Blankenburg

October 2010
Successful audit of the new location of the production by the LGA

November 2010
First successful participation on the MEDICA in Düsseldorf

December 2010
Successful annual accounts 2010


March 2011
New distributor in lebanon exclusive for the Middle East

April 2011
1th poster awards for the new upper ankle joint arthrodeses plates TALARLOCK®/PANTALARLOCK®

May 2011
New distributor in Brazil

July 2011
Successfull first implantation of the PANTALARLOCK-plate in Scandinavia (Sweden)
New distributor in Vietnam

November 2011
First own stand on a congress in Argentina

December 2011
Establishment of business contacts in Poland
Succesful annual accounts 2011


January 2012
New distributor in Switzerland: 

June 2012
First participation on the annual meeting of SGOT in Zurich together with the INTERCUS Schweiz

October 2012
First workshop on the PANTALARLOCK®

December 2012
Successful annual accounts 2012


March 2013
First user meeting in Weimar

October 2013
First time and very successful participation at the DKOU

December 2013
Successful annual accounts 2013


March 2014

Opening of a training centre in Vietnam

April 2014

Expansion of the product range - Takeover of the GN sliding nail and XS nail systems, which have been evaluated for years

October 2014
Change due to the merger of LGA and TÜVRheinland
Successful certification by TÜVRheinland

November 2014
First nail user meeting in Blankenhain

December 2014
Successful annual accounts 2014


November 2015
First international GN user meeting in Luxembourg

December 2015
Successful annual accounts 2015


May 2016
Introduction of new foot systems

December 2016
Successful annual accounts 2016


January 2017
First user meeting at the PAN-/TALARLOCK® in Oberstaufen

December 2017
Successful annual accounts 2017


April 2018
New dealer in Thailand

May 2018
First user meeting "From ankle to big toe"

December 2018
Successful annual accounts 2018


October 2019
Successful certification by TÜVRheinland

December 2019
Successful annual accounts 2019

New building 2009|2010