Clavicula locking plate, lateral & medial

Polyaxial locking plate for pseudarthroses, revision surgeries and fractures of the clavicula from lateral or medial


  • Fractures in the lateral or medial third of the clavicula
  • Lateral clavicula fractures type II + III according to Jäger/Breitner
  • Clavicula fractures affecting the coracoclavicular ligament attachment
  • Dislocated fractures of the lateral clavicula with rupture of the trapezoid ligament
  • Lateral and medial clavicula fractures affecting the joint
  • Revision surgeries after conservative and surgical primary care
  • Pseudarthroses


  • Anatomically pre-formed plate design adapted to the natural clavicula curve
  • Applicable for medial and lateral
  • High primary stability thanks to Ø 3.5 mm locking cortical screws

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