CLAVIUS screw & bolt

Compression screw and position bolt for arthrodeses and for the treatment of fractures of the middle and hind foot


  • Arthrodeses of the tarsal
  • Chopart arthrodeses
  • Lisfranc arthrodeses
  • Innominatum arthrodeses


  • Screw diameter of 5.5 mm, head diameter of 6.5 mm, cannulation of Ø 1.8 mm
  • Precise insertion using Ø 1.6 mm guide wire
  • Easy screwing thanks to self-drilling thread and continual self-tapping edge
  • Split compression due to different thread pitch of the head and shank thread
  • Anatomical adaptation thanks to countersunk screw head
  • Excellent anchorage


Compression screw D 5.5 mm / D 6.5 mm
Position bolt D 5.5 mm

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