Femur locking plate “TROCHANTUS”

Polyaxial locking plate for fractures of the proximal femur


  • Isolated avulsion injury to the trochanter major in the context of trauma or endoprothetics 

  • Periprosthetic fractures of the proximal femur 


  • Anatomically preformed plate design, encompassing the surface of the trochanter major and tuberculum innominatum in order to prevent iliotibial tract

  • Ventral and dorsal plate flange acts to prevent injury to the gluteus medius muscle insertion

  • High primary stability by way of polyaxial locking cortex screws of 4.5 mm or 5.5 mm (optional) in diameter
  • Secures all fragments by way of polyaxial angular-stable locking options regardless of the form of the trochanter fracture 
  • Simplifies placement of freely pivotable set screws along the prosthesis 

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