IntraOS screws

Cannulated screws for the treatment of fractures of the distal fibula in geriatric patients


  • Distal fibula fractures in geriatric patients


  • Cannulated screw in four different sizes, S = Ø 3.5 mm, M = Ø 3.8 mm, L = Ø 4.7 mm and XL = Ø 5.5 mm, with full thread, for stable, large-scale, intramedullary anchoring
  • Screw length of 140 mm for an ideal supply of extensive and proximally located fractures
  • Short operating time due to minimally invasive, secure surgical technique
  • Anatomical adaption due to tapering of the screw
  • Firm seat in the bone due to cancellous thread
  • Easy screwing thanks to self-drilling, self-tapping thread
  • Precise insertion using Ø 1.5 mm guide wire
  • Clearly arranged instruments


S = Ø 3.5 mm|Ø 5.5 mm
M = Ø 3.8 mm|Ø 6.0 mm
L = Ø 4.7 mm|Ø 6.0 mm
XL = Ø 5.5 mm|Ø 6.0 mm

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