Tibia locking plate proximal, lateral

Mono-axial and polyaxial locking plates for corrective osteotomies (closed wedge) and for the treatment of fractures of the proximal tibia from lateral


  • High tibial osteotomies (HTO) in the case of varus and valgus deformities
  • Fractures of the tibial plateau with or without joint involvement
  • Tibial shaft fractures, tibial spiral fractures, bilateral comminuted fractures


  • Anatomically pre-formed plate design for right and left leg
  • High primary stability thanks to Ø 4.5 mm locking cortical screws and Ø 5.5 mm cancellous screws
  • No secondary dislocation
  • Early functional after-treatment possible


"APTIUS" lateral, polyaxial
Tibia lateral, mono-axial
Tibia lateral, polyaxial

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